The more natural light we can bring into our home the more life and atmosphere it will have.

And no window does this more elegantly and gracefully than a Maddington Glass and Aluminium bay window. It adds character and charm from any angle it is viewed.

Maddington Glass and Aluminium’s design flexibility allows you to choose which window type you want to incorporate into your bay window styling – awning, sliding or double hung, as well as the option of colonial or federation styling bar treatments

Like all Maddington Glass and Aluminium windows, the non-corrosive finish shrugs off the weather for a long, low maintenance life.

Bay windows can be styled with 90 degree coupling or the wider 135 degree coupling.

Maddington Glass and Aluminium’s full range of designer colours are available in low maintenance powder coated finishes.

Technical Details

Maximum Recommended Sizes
For panels
Frame Dimensions (Depth
& Height)
Max. Product Performance Glazing Details
Height –
Option 1
Frame Depth: 41mm
SLS (Pa) –
Single Glazed
3mm – 6.38mm
Width –
ULS (Pa) –
Weight –
WATER (Pa) –

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