Designed with large floor to ceiling applications in mind, Bifold Door Range has contemporary semi commercial profiles for clean modern appearance
with specially designed commercial door stiles. A functional alternative to traditional door units in commercial and residential applications our bifold Door Range removes the barriers to allow flow between indoor and outdoor living. Whether the doors are open in fine weather or securely fastened into place as sturdy impenetrable walls, the Aview Windows & Doors Bifold Door is the only choice.



Our bifold doors can be configured for inward or outward stacking or with an odd or even number of door stiles. Enjoy peace of mind with optional single or multi point locking systems Numerous left, right, bi-parting and floating configurations possible.




Features & Benefits

State of the art fully concealed triple track roller system incorporating a removable cover to alleviate damage during construction, Tyred floor guides run effortlessly in channels neatly concealed beneath closed doors

To also allow for easy cleaning


Quality Q-Lon seals and butyl impregnated linen gaskets at frame joints provide advanced compression and weather performance Aview glasses Weather seal technology keeps wind, rain and cold air where
it belongs. Our doors are built for High weather performance with an overall N3 Classification
Purpose designed extruded hinges for un-compromised fit and operation The stabilising centre hinge controls door stile deflection and
bowing on tall doors, whilst the exclusive Surelock™ system
allows for simple vertical height adjustment with a screwdriver




We have a wide choice of fashionable powder coat and anodised aluminium finishes.
Special hardware finishes including natural anodised available on request.

Technical Details

Maximum Recommended Sizes Frame Dimensions (Depth & Height) Max. Product Performance Glazing Details
Height 3000mm Option 1 depth100mm Structural –1200 PA Single glaze4mm – 12.4mm
Panle Width 1000mm Water –700 PA Double GlazeUp to 28mm
8 panels in a single direction Double glaze I.G units of up to 25mm

WERS Rating    Frame Detail