Aview Glass is a leader in new cyclonic technolgies to meet or exceed the new australian standards in its residential door & window products, by using a Aview Windows & Doors product you are elimanting the need for the old & dated debris screens whilst still ensuring that you are getting a safe and viable product to protect your home and those who are inside. The table below allows you to see what our doors & windows rate to and give you a base knowlege of our product.

Sliding Door Table

Configuration Max  O/A Height Max  O/A Width SLS  (Pa) ULS +/-  (Pa) Water  (Pa) Impact  M/Sec
Xo with 8mm Storm Shield 2143 mm 1810 mm 3300 6000 450 16
Xo with12.4mm Storm Shield 2143 mm 1810 mm 3300 6000 450 39
Oxxo with 12.4mmStorm Shield 2143 mm 3600 mm 3300 6600 450

XO= Sliding Panel – Fixed Panel

Oxxo= Fixed Panel- Sliding Panel- Sliding Panel- Fixed Panel

Sliding Window Table

Configuration Max  O/A Height Max  O/A Width SLS  (Pa) ULS +/- (Pa) Water (Pa) Impact  M/Sec
Xo with 12.84mm Glass 1500 mm 1800 mm 3000 6000 450 36

Xo = Sliding Panel – Fixed Panel

Ultra Forza™ – Cyclone Resistant Glass

Be safe in the knowledge that Ultra Forza™ will protect your property at the same time giving you clear vision, UV protection and excellent sound control. Aview Glass Ultra Forza™  has been designed by laminating a range of glass thickness with an interlayer of super strength and durability.

The ability of this glass to withstand severe winds even if broken makes it ideally suitable for use in residential and commercial buildings, giving vision without the need of storm shutters, while safeguarding your property. Extensively tested by Curtin University to prove its compliance with AS 1170-2 Ultra Forza™ can be produced in a range of thicknesses and combinations including tones and solar controls options. Depending on your project, Aview Glass can provide you with the engineered solutions determined using finite element-based procedures which determine the laminate stress and deflection for different geometries, laminate construction and loading.

Test carried out using Alpsec Aluminium Systems. Exceeded requirements for resisting penetration from flying debris encountered in cyclonic conditions.

Cyclone Debris Screens

Tropical cyclones can be terrifying. These ferocious weather systems unleash violent winds, torrential rain, and storm surges that ravage homes and disrupt family life.

Australia’s cyclone season occurs between the months of October to May and it is never too early to prepare.

Aview Windows & Doors Now offers a commercial grade cyclone debris screen for residences and businesses that will protect against storm-driven debris from winds up to 392kph and at the same time provide security from intruders and allow you to enjoy the tropical lifestyle all year round.

No more battening down the hatches each time a storm approaches or worrying if your home is safe when you are out of town.