French Doors

French Residential Doors


The beauty of French doors is the way they bring the outdoors indoors. Full, uninterrupted glass panels add light, space and picture book outlooks, especially when teamed with side lights or full width top lights. Strong, practical features include a wide profile, heavy duty hinges and a flush bolt for entry through one door while leaving the other safely closed. Security locks and handles give added protection and .  A selection of square and beveled bead options along with various door stile and midrail options provide a high degree of design flexibility.













Features & Benefits

Fully beaded commercial door system


Square or bevelled bead options

Range of stile and mid-rail options

Single and double glazing options


Technical Details

Maximum Recommended Sizes Frame Dimensions (Depth & Height) Max. Product Performance Glazing Details
Height2700mm Option 1 Frame Depth: 44mm SLS (Pa)1200 Single Glazed6mm – 25mm Pocket
Width1000mm Option 2 – Various stile and raildimensions avaialble ULS (Pa)3000 Double Glazed6mm – 25mm Pocket
WATER (Pa)600


WERS Rating Frame Assembly   Frame Types

1 2