Clear Glass

Clear float glass is the most common glass used in residential homes coming in a variance of sizes starting in 3 mm to 19 mm.

Mirrored Glass

Ideal for mirrors and wardrobes Aview Windows & Doors offers three types of mirror

Silver 4 mm & vinyl back silver 4 mm & 6 mm


Coloured Glass / Splashbacks

Coloured glass is a great use for glass in any home or office. Glass has more than just its standard applications. To bring a refreshing feel to your residential or commercial environment Aview Glass have a range of innovative uses such as:  fixed windows & wardrobes.

Patterned Glass

Aview Windows & Doors can offer a wide range of patterned and obscure glass to suit any requirement. These types of glass are great for use as shower screens Consider using a patterned glass for your next project to add a different look to it. Any patterned glass over 4 mm thick can be toughened.

Spotswood and Cathedral Glass

Spotswood and Cathedral are our two most popular types of patterned glass, the most popular uses being bathrooms and any where you may require a little bit of privacy. These two stylish types of glass are available in toughened or laminated, and if need be can also be installed in Double Glazed Units.

Aview Windows & Doors stocks the following range of patterned and obscure glass:

• Arctic

• Cathedral

• Delta

• Dewdrop

• Euro Cathedral

• Modern Etch

• Orchid

• Roughcast

• Spotswood

• Satinlite

• Strata +

Energy Saving Glass

Energy saving is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, with this in mind Aview Windows & Doors is proud to offer a range of Energy Saving types of glass; known as Sunergy and Solar Control. Energy Saving glass is known as Low Emissivity glass; commonly known as Low E. Low E glass has a thin metal oxide coating fused to the glass while it is still hot during the manufacture process. This coating is a Pyrolytic hard coat, with the advantages of durability and being able to be toughened.

Low E glass enhance insulation and provides additional solar control, with high light transmission and low reflectivity providing excellent performance in the control of both solar heat gain and thermal insulation. This makes it ideal for warm and cool climate applications.

Our range of Synergy and Solar Control glass can be used in many ways, whether it be single glazed applications, or as part of a custom laminate make up. Or even as part of an Double Glazed Unit. With the amount of versatility energy saving glass can be used for nearly every kind of application.

Safety Glass

All safety glass is manufactured and tested in accordance with Australian safety standards AS/NZS 2080 and AS/NZS 2208.

Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated safety glass is two or more layers of float glass, which are permanently bonded together using a PVB (Poly Vinyl Butryal) interlayer, through the combination of heat and pressure. Laminated glass offers both increased security and protection in that if glass is broken the PVB interlayer will hold the glass together, greatly reducing the likelihood of personal injury. Another major advantage of laminated glass is that it can still be cut and machined after laminating.

Toughening Safety Glass

Toughened glass is float glass which is subjected to high temperatures then “snap cooled”. Snap cooling results in the glass retaining high compressive stresses while the centre of the glass retains tension. Toughened glass is usually 4-5 times stronger than standard float glass, and when broken will form small, relatively harmless granules, rather than large pieces of glass which have the potential to harm and inflict injury. Toughened glass also has a much greater resistance to differential temperatures (70°C – 300°C). Unfortunatly once glass is toughened it can no longer be cut down.

Toughened Laminated Safety Glass

Toughened Laminated Glass is a custom glass which very few companies can offer. This particular type of glass offers the durability and strength of toughened glass combined with the safety and acoustics of laminated glass. Being a custom glass, you can combine nearly any type of glass together, and laminate them using varying thickness’ of interlayer (Interlayer’s get thicker in increments of 0.38mm). With a variant choice of Interlayer colours for you to choose from to aid in creating the perfect glass for your next project whether it be glass for a roof/canopy or a special make up to with stand winds and pressures of the cyclonic regions.

Ultra Forza™ – Cyclone Resistant Glass

Be safe in the knowledge that Ultra Forza™ will protect your property at the same time giving you clear vision, UV protection and excellent sound control. Maddington Glass Ultra Forza™  has been designed by laminating a range of glass thickness with an interlayer of super strength and durability.

The ability of this glass to withstand severe winds even if broken makes it ideally suitable for use in residential and commercial buildings, giving vision without the need of storm shutters, while safeguarding your property. Extensively tested by Curtin University to prove its compliance with AS 1170-2 Ultra Forza™ can be produced in a range of thicknesses and combinations including tones and solar controls options. Depending on your project, Maddington Glass can provide you with the engineered solutions determined using finite element-based procedures which determine the laminate stress and deflection for different geometries, laminate construction and loading.

Test carried out using Alpsec Aluminium Systems. Exceeded requirements for resisting penetration from flying debris encountered in cyclonic conditions.