Breezeway Louvres

Louvres maximise natural breezes, giving your home a comfortable
open feeling and are the most efficient ventilating window available,
allowing you to control airflow and light whilst still  being protected
from the elements.

Used wisely louvres can make your building more energy efficient
saving you money and reducing green house emissions.

Aview Windows and Doors can supply both manual and
Automatic Louvre’s that are fully compatible

Automatic Louvre’s are powered by easy to install low voltage
power systems complete with fail safe circuit breakers and
controlled from hand held remote controls.

See the link below to view what make a breezeway louver so energy efficient for your home.



Altair Powerlouvre

Designed for easy installation, Powerlouvre Windows remove the complexity of sourcing special trades to install the system and are ideal for a range of design applications such as high out-of-reach locations or as floor-to-ceiling feature windows. By operating the Powerlouvre Window with the Apptivate Control Unit, you can benefit from the following features:

Icon Finger TOUCH CONTROL A standard sized, touch sensitive wall switch for easy use. Single touch to fully open, fully close or open to an intermediate position.
icon panel MULTIPLE CHOICE Single and dual channel models available for individual requirements. Can operate multiple Powerlouvre Windows for maximum ventilation.
Bluetooth BLUETOOTH Bluetooth® Smart module to permit control by and communication with compatible smartphones and tablets.
Icon Temperture TEMPERATURE SENSOR Automatic operation in response to an in-built temperature sensor that allows rooms to be cooled or windows closed to retain warmth when required.
Icon Timer TIMER CONTROL Automatic operation in response to pre-set timers which allows windows to be set to operate in anticipation of the building occupant’s daily routine.
Icon Power NIGHT MODE Adjust the brightness of the LED light to minimise potential sleep disruptions overnight.

Insect screen

Insect and safety screens are installed from the outsideof the Louvre frame, providing easy assess for installation and cleaning. See link below for more information on this product.

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Louvre Framing

The Louvre 125mm window frame with integral insect screen when combined with the Louvre gallery is the perfect choice of window for commercial or residential application.

Insect Screen

Insect screens are kept in place by a special receiver channel that is designed into the framing system without the need for fixings or ugly adapters

For more information on manual louvres see the link below

Commercial framing compatible

The Breezeway Louvre framing system couples directly to 101.6mm commercial shopfront systems.

Framing can be installed using 100mm standard sub heads and sub sills

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