Energy! what does energy have to do with you buying a window or door you might be asking yourself ?well actually it means rather alot, when it comes to helping keep all forms of budgets and bills down, not only trying to give you the cheapest and best quality whilst keeping your house warm and the most natural amount  of heat your house can maximise during winter, while at the same time have opposite in the keeping your home cool during the summer time. To understand all the benefits of energy saving for your new, re build or extension our energy page has all information to help.



A Custom Rating provides an exact rating for a product, based on its exact materials and specifications for frame, glazing and other components. Weather tightness is based on reported air infiltration data obtained according to the AS 2047 performance test. A Custom Rating is the better option for manufacturers who wish to distinguish their product from others and who wish to maintain seamless continuity between research & development and the rating process. Rated windows and skylights display the WERS logo, similar to that shown below. Each rated product has a certificate which certifies that it has been energy rated.

The window star ratings for heating and cooling rank the window against alternatives, using a ten-star scale based on 17 ‘generic’ window types. The generic windows range from very low performance to very high performance in heating or cooling. The ratings apply to the effect of the whole window including the relative contributions of glass and frame.

WERS rates the energy impact of windows in housing anywhere in Australia. With up to 40% of a home’s energy for cooling or heating being lost or gained through windows, improving their thermal performance reduces energy costs and Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

WERS Residential is designed to look specifically at window ratings to improve the comfort of homes. The main purpose of energy efficiency in a residential application is to reduce the amount of times the heating and cooling appliances are turned on and off. WERS rated residential windows have star ratings and percentage improvements to help give an easy comparison of windows.

WERS Commercial is designed to provide the industry with custom ratings for the commercial market. It allows commercial products to be rated for their custom performance.

Rating Labels

Rated windows carry a label which certifies that the window has been rated by the Australian Window Association. The window’s cooling and heating performance is rated separately on a scale of 0 to 10 stars – the more stars, the better. These stars indicate the effect the window will have on the energy performance of the whole house.

Certified Accreditation

You should also look for this label to certify that your window manufacturer is WERS accredited:

Window Ratings

To provide consumers with a simple benchmark, a comprehensive range of representative windows has been rated for their energy performance which is illustrated in terms of stars. No stars shows that the window is a very poor performer, 10 stars means excellent performance and a whole new world of energy efficiency and interior comfort. Manufacturers participating in WERS may offer custom rated high performance products which exceed the results shown below. Check the tables to see just how much benefit can be gained from a correctly selected window.

In addition, a 10 Star energy rated window will provide significant benefits in noise control and protection from fading. It is important to remember that window placement and site orientation also have an impact on the type of windows required within a house. Your WERS accredited manufacturer can advise you on the right windows to suit your home. Look for the sign that ensures your window manufacturer is WERS accredited.

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