2012 WERS Screened Certified Products Directory
NOTESWERS1. Uw is the whole window U-value
2. SHGCw is the whole window solar heat gain coefficient www.wers.net
3. Tvw is the whole window visible (light) transmittance
4. Percentage improvement figures are compared with using base-case Generic
Window 1 (3mm clear in standard aluminium frame)
5. A negative percentage improvement figure indicates performance worse than
the base-case window
6. A positive percentage improvement figure indicates performance better than the
base-case window
7. Maximum air infiltration is 5.0L/s.m2 at a positive pressure difference of 75 Pa as
measured according to AS 2047
8. Static performance (Uw SHGCw Tvw Tdw) calculated using Window 6.3 and
Therm 6.3 software (LBNL), 1994-2012
9. Annual energy performance (stars and % improvements) calculated using
Nationwide House Energy Rating Software (NatHERS) according to procedures of
WERS 2008.
10. Results disclosed in Standard International Units.
11. Results Calculated to the procedures of WERS Screen Rating Methodology,